About Us
Banyan Tree Library Private Limited, is an Organisation engaged in the Library Operation, with a vision of providing Best-selling books to our Members at a economical cost and taking the Library to the homes of Members. With over 40 Man-years of experience of Founder and it's Team, in logistics and service Industry, Organisation is committed to provide seamless support for it's Members.
Vision Statement
To distribute Knowledge in the most-economical way; creating an environment of perfect harmony with nature, for our Members; to help unlock the potential of our Members for the challenges of future; with our Best-in-class Service and Highest Ethical & Professional Standards. With a focus on Social Responsibility, to constantly strive for the Upliftment of Less Fortunate and Needy in the community.
Mission Statement
To enhance Shareholder Value through Timely execution of Strategies and by nurturing a culture of Mutual Trust & Respect among Employees, Suppliers, Members and all those associated with us.
DNA of the Organisation
To help realise the Unique and Intrinsic Worth of each individual, through Participative Management; building and nurturing Innovation, Integrity & Passion for Excellence; treating each other with Dignity & Respect; and by providing greater Quality of Life.
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